TSAUTOP PET Liner Gloss Vinyl Wrap

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True Gloss Plastic Release PET liner For High Grade Car Wraps

High-quality polymeric vinyl plastic release liner film, technological innovation, and an unique PET double-layer laminating method (super exhaust effect) provide a durable and glossy surface for your vehicle. to create a stunning mirror effect. One that does not contain orange peel. Excellent exhaust effect release, making installation simple and quick. The PET material is flexible, and stretching does not alter its color. Every edge can be wrapped easily. Henkel solvent-based acrylic adhesive does not shed adhesive during removal.

PET Liner Gloss Vinyl Wrap

TSAUTOP PET gloss combat green car vinyl wrap sticker

PET gloss combat green car vinyl wrap sticker gives your car a strong and shiny finish, this car wrap employs a high quality polymeric vinyl release liner, technological innovation, and a revolutionary PET double layer lamination method (super exhaust effect). Make the car surface smooth and free of orange peel

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black car vinyl wrap
TSAUTOP PET gloss black car vinyl wrap

PET gloss black car vinyl wrap is a premium matte metallic vinyl wraps with slight metal flakes which gives your vehicle a subtle-looking and stronger matte finish. It looks like frosted with sanding,but actually it is very satin and smooth

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PET Liner instructure

1. PET illuminating protection layer
Processed through material qualities and methods to enhance the gloss and texture of the film surface and to cover the film’s surface prior to use to prevent transportation damage. Ensure product quality.

2. super-shiny hue layer
Providing an unmatched color and film effect, the product is a professional film applied to the car’s exterior that was created by combining all of the basic surface features of the automobile’s exterior and interior. It offers numerous benefits, including simple fabrication, great flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance, among others. It is an excellent option for altering the color of various automobile bodies and protecting automotive paint!

3. innovative PET square release layer with double coating
In order to reach or surpass the ideal car paint, the ideal body film must be applied. It exemplifies TSAUTOP’s quest of products and aesthetics. Using sophisticated metal element ratio distribution and a unique chemical rearrangement structure, in conjunction with a PET material double-layer lamination method, a remarkable 0 orange-pattern mirror effect was achieved.


The Advantage of PET Liner Gloss Vinyl Wrap

If you’re looking for a high-performance car wrap, consider purchasing a PET liner film. This material is easy to cut with a Cricut or Silhouette cutter, and it has a 3 mil film with no orange peel. It also has a smoother surface and exhibits a crystal sheen. It’s durable enough to stand up to outdoor conditions and still maintains a high gloss.

Car wraps can be used in many different ways. Most wraps are water-safe, but brush car washes can cause the film to break down. You can also use a car wash with water spray to keep the film looking fresh. Most wraps are designed to be removed easily without damaging the paint underneath. Repainting your vehicle can have a negative impact on its resale value. Consider a car wrap if you’re not willing to invest the time and money in a new paint job. It will likely cost you less than a higher-quality paint job.

It’s a good idea to wash your car before applying a car wrap. Avoid brushing the film with a brush. A gentle water spray is safe and won’t damage the paint underneath. Repainting a car can affect its resale value and may be difficult to remove. A new car wrap will increase the resale value of your vehicle without detracting it from its original appearance. Using a new paint job will cost you about as much as a car wrap.

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