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WRAPMASTER is a newborn brand from Hangzhou TSAUTOP Decorative Film Technology Co., Ltd, which is known as a professional vinyl manufacturer and exporter and specializes in various kinds of high-quality car wraps’ production, such as car vinyl, vehicle vinyl wrap, windows tint film, architectural glass film, static glass film, reflective sign vinyl, and advertising film.

We always belive “Qaulity first , business based on sincerity”. 



WRAPMASTER can produce more than 400 types of various sizes with the production capacity of 200,000 rolls of car wrapping and other type films annually. WRAPMASTER will launch new types every 3 months.



Wrapmaster has 13 years’ manufacturing experience in car vinyl wrap , serves every customer as possible as we can.


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WRAPMASTER has a 6000sqm car vinyl plant with advanced modern equipment and brilliant development abilities.WRAPMASTER has 6 production lines,10 engineers, 5 designers, and 80 staffs. Many tests for all our vinyl wrapping product before it is in production.

“Quality is first , business based on sincerity ”


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WRAPMASTER aims to provide high quality and affordable car wraps to online and offline retailers and wholesalers. WRAPMASTER car wrapping film meets RoHS standard. As the mother brand of WRAPMASTER car wrap, TSAUTOP has sold a wide variety of quality, affordable vinyl films to UK, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, etc. for more than 10 years. TSAUTOP car wrap vinyl has boomed its business from small to big. Till now WRAPMASTER has also built a 3000sqft film-installation shop, in order to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee and reasonable advice and guidance for your business support.

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The principle of WRAPMASTER is “Mater level quality and service make multi-win.” As WRAPMASTER car wraps continue to improve and update, WRAPMASTER will make more and more dealers get more and more value as usual.
Choose WRAPMASTER, you will gain future. Don’t hesitate, Contact us!

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Wrapmaster support our customer for big production in a short time. We have ROHS cetificate for our vinyl pvc film. Quality assurance .

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Wrapmaster provide a best service for all of our customer until you are satisfied with our product.
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A:- Keep the value of car, unlike the paint will devalue it.

– Protect the original paint and 100% removable.

– No chance of your warranties and lease agreements going invalid while painting can void these.

– Very cost effective, especially when compared to paint.

– When properly cared for wrapping can wear better than paint,as a protection of original paint.

– When your car’s paint gets scratched you usually need to pay expensive color matching fees. With vinyl just take it off and rewrap the damaged part

– Same effect as paint does.

– Inexpensively customize the color of parts of your car. Wrapping the whole car is not a must a lot of people just wrap some parts or even do decals like stripes.

– Matte vinyl is just as tough as the glossy counterpart unlike matte paint that can be brittle and chip easily.

– With vinyl you can hide scratches and dings in your car’s paint.

Due to complexity of the project and the size of the car,the time is vary.

A straightforward wrap will take a professional about 8 hours to do and someone who is new at wrapping about 13 to 14 hours.

No, but it lasts a very long time, most wraps last for 5-8 years on average but it all depends on what vinyl is used and what the conditions are where you drive and store your car.

The Vinyl film can also be removed simply without leaving any residues, making your car look just like it was before the wrap.

Wrapping is custom work so it is hard to pinpoint an exact price for every project.

Pricing depends on many factors like the size and make of the vehicle, the material you choose plus a few others.

The most economical way to wrap is to do it yourself so the only thing you would be buying the vinyl.

The price of a vinyl wrap will depend on many things.

1). The type of material:

Every material is manufactured differently. A standard matte film is less expensive to produce than a mirror chrome film.

2). The finish of the film:

Usually, the finish or texture of the vinyl wrap will determine the cost more than the color.
Carbon and brushed textured films are almost always more expensive than matte or gloss films.

3). The construction of the wrap:

Many specialty colors and finishes are constructed differently. A roll of tech-art carbon fiber is made with 5 layers to give it it’s realistic finish. The price reflects this construction.

4). The amount of material you need.
Lastly, the amount will determine how much you will be spending on material alone.
A small coupe will probably be fine with 40ft of material.

Wrapping a vehicle is the newest and most innovative way to change the color and finish of a

vehicle. It is done by applying pressure-sensitive vinyl (of almost any color or finish) by hand on

top of the vehicles existing paint kind of like a giant, high quality sticker. Cars are not the only

thing you can wrap boats, RVs, house interiors, electronics just about any surface can be

modified with this vinyl.


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